Hello, This article is about Madi Ga

Madi Gaa is a seasonal cleaning station for manta. Starts from October until late march.

Madi when translated to english means “manta” and Gaa it’s called “rock” in Dhivehi.

The dive site is on the inside of atoll, located around the area of northern channel. From Rasdhoo boat rides are 30 mins / 10 mins by speed boat.

It is a huge block of coral composed by a hard-coral species named as Porites lobate. The top of block starts at 8 meters. This block lays on a sandy bottom that gradually slopes from the depth of 12 to 18 meters.

When the current directions are outgoing from the atoll, cleaning station can be much active than in incoming current when the visibility is better. Chances for manta siting in both current directions.

Cleaning station are residentials for cleaner wrasses living amongst the undercuts, cracks and holes on top and around the coral block. Once the mantas are situated on top of the block cleaner wrasses can be spotted rushing to eat off parasites, bacteria and dead skin cells from the belly and body of manta. They can also be seen cleaning different species of reef fishes.

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